Etoile Logo Concepts

Concept 07

This concept is derived from concept 05, with a more geometric variation of the organic star flower shape from 01.

Concept 04

This concept is derived from concept 02, but with accents. I am not fond of this direction because the accents diminish the strength of the star on its own. Also, the accent over the capital 'E' extends too high over the rest of the logo, causing an akward unbalanced height.

Concept 05

This concept pulls the font from 03 and the star from 02, and adds accent lines over the 'e's.

Concept 06

This concept is the same as 05, but adds two extra stars to give the constellation connotation. I do like the look of this, but it seems to have something of an "Americana" or military feel for me because of the star pattern.

Concept 01

This concept expresses Etoile's growing and dynamic nature through the use of the star flower (Trientalis borealis). Thus, the logo's icon carries the connotations of both stars (constellation, light) and flowers (groth, liveliness).

Concept 02

This concept focuses on the name with a small star accent to signify the meaning of the name "Etoile".

Concept 03

Rather than a star icon, this concept uses hexagons which represent a bee hive's honeycombs. These signify the "building-block" nature of Etoile, as well as indicate that it is a collaborative environment.