4 December 2007 | 0

Two things are on my mind right now as I’m getting ready for bed.

First of all, I really need to not be sick. I was sick, and then I got better, and then, literally a day later, I started feeling like crap again. Fricken winter and it’s dry air. I thought I was done, I thought my winter cold was complete… but no. I hope this ends soon, because I feel it moving into my ears and I do not want to spend the next week in a congested fog.

Secondly, I have a book sitting on my shelf, just begging to be finished. I stole Tanya’s copy of As Aventuras de Ngunga, because it was little and in Portuguese and I really need to practice reading real Portuguese sentences. I’m halfway through, and even though it’s small, I’m proud of the fact that I burned through the first half in such a short amount of time, because IT’S NOT IN ENGLISH. Granted, I looked up every 10th word in the dictionary, but I still consider that an achievement. Only 80 pages left… just waiting for me to read them. I need to get on that.

The “Lawnmower as Weapon” was the Telltale Sign

1 December 2007 | 0

I was watching Saturday morning cartoons with my daughter today and came to an interesting realization:

The only functional difference between Tom & Jerry and Itchy & Scratchy is that Tom & Jerry just doesn’t show the blood.

Every Silver Lining Has Its Cloud

30 November 2007 | 0

I should really not be typing right now. It’s only 11:00pm, but I’m really tired. About and hour and a half ago, after having watched the latest Reaper episode off iTunes, I promptly went to bed, knowing that Ali would be waking me up near 7:00am tomorrow morning and hoping that I could get some biking in beforehand. Yet, here I am, disrupted from a half-completed journey into a REM cycle, typing on my computer because Tanya needed me to do a favor for her.

She woke me up, and I’m feeling like maybe I should really take this time to type something up on my blog. I don’t really know if there is an A -> B causality relationship there, but my brain managed to find a path to my blog nonetheless.

So, I’m sitting here thinking how my plan for losing weight, which began about a year ago (and 30+ lbs down so far!), had unintended consequences. Sure, I’ve lost weight, and I feel healthier. I knew I’d need to get new clothes, and that’s already been started. But little did I suspect that losing weight would make the winters worse. It’s obvious in hindsight: less fat = less insulation. But damn! Really? This bad? I’m shivering in my room right now, and I’m the guy who used to sleep with the windows open mid-December.

I really should have timed my weight-loss with a move to warmer climates…

Sevnthsin Smackdown!

5 November 2007 | 0

Sevnthsin Smackdown Bird’s Eye

A great time was had by all this weekend at the party of the year. And Bryan got the pics to prove it!

Robb and Ross at the Sevnthsin Smackdown


23 October 2007 | 0

It’s been a while since I posted, and as I’m really tired right now but can’t seem to sleep, I’ll give just the quick overview of my world as of late:

  • Work’s been really busy, but I have our Open House to look forward to on the 3rd. Check out our promo for the party!
  • Freelance has been equally busy, but I should have a nice new piece to put up on my website when I’m done (in the next couple of days, probably).
  • We’ve got some nice stuff happening with the new Étoilé site… but that won’t launch until early next year. But still, I’m really happy with the new direction.
  • I’ve taken a hiatus from learning Chinese for a while, instead focusing my language-learning endeavors on Portuguese. I don’t know what it is about Portuguese, because even though Spanish makes much more sense for me to immerse myself in here, I just keep getting drawn to Brazil and it’s beautiful sounds.
  • On the theme of Brazil, I’ve started taking samba lessons. It was stepping out of my comfort zone, but it’s going really well so far.
  • I just discovered Alan Watts, and he’s awesome.
  • I really dig the new CW show, Reaper. It’s damn hilarious… check it out if you find yourself home on a Tuesday night with nothing better to do than watch ridiculous television.

Anxiously Awaiting Anything

17 September 2007 | 0

I’ve maybe posted something along these lines before, but I feel like I live for the future. Ever since I can remember, I’ve pined for a world where my life had finally worked out. Where I could start living in the moment.

I remember being 10 years old and having been invited to my friend Ryan’s birthday party. It was a co-ed party, which at 10 is a pretty big deal. And I remember the other kids were running around outside, playing tag or something, and all I could do was sit on the front porch of Ryan’s house and think. And wish. And wait. I don’t know what compelled me to do that, or what I thought would happen, but apparently I seemed troubled enough that his mom came out to ask me what was wrong. Some of the other boys had killed some frogs, and she thought maybe that that had made me sad. It bothered me (and thinking back now, that may have been one of the formative experiences in making me a vegetarian), but I was really just waiting for the future. I was hoping that my life would start without my forcing it, that things would just… happen.

And that’s been a trend for me, the trend of just waiting and seeing what the universe throws my way. And you know what? For the most part… it’s worked. There have been so many forces in my life pushing to make me successful. And I am infinitely grateful for that. But deep down, I’m still waiting. I’ve never put the effort forth myself to actively cause something, right up until the beginning of this year when I started exercising and bettering my health and body. It was like I finally realized that I couldn’t wait for some magic event to change my life. This was something that I knew I had to do on my own, and I had to actually and actively work on it. And I feel good about that, because I’ve been getting compliments so I know that it’s obviously working… but I’m still waiting.

I’m trying to reinvent myself, and I feel like this is the year where that’s really started, but I’m also willing to accept that it could take a few years to become the person I always imagined I would be: the person who didn’t wait, but actively did. I’m getting there… I’ll just have to wait a little longer…

End of an iPod era

5 September 2007 | 0

Did anyone else notice, with the introductions of the new iPods today, that you can no longer get a white iPod? Silver, yes. Black, yes. I mean, you can even get a teal nano. But no white.

White was Apple. White defined the iPod.

Honestly, I’m a bit saddened by this.

And yet… I can’t help but want this:

iPod touch

The Little Things

27 August 2007 | 0

I once read that relationships work or don’t because of the little things. Couples learn to work through the big things: children, moving house, loss of a job, even adultery. But it’s how the little things stack up that determines whether a relationship will survive.

Does he consistently neglect to unload the dishwasher? Does she always mess up balancing the checkbook? Does he keep stepping on her feet every time they try to dance? Does she criticize him every time he wears a certain shirt?

They may seem minor, but they add up. Eventually one of those little things triggers a wave of repressed outbursts, an overwhelming surge of overlooking past annoyances and, like a wrecking ball, destroys the carefully constructed wall built up from the memories of what you love about the other person.

Relationships may end with a scream, but they fall with whispers.

Tanya is Alive!

23 August 2007 | 0

Yay! Tanya just called from Mexico to let me know she got in okay. Have fun down there, Tanya!

Well said, Ben…

22 August 2007 | 0

“Ben Edwards, an Arden Hills resident who crossed the 35W bridge every day on his way to work in Eden Prairie, said he didn’t want Minnesota “to miss an opportunity to do something special with this bridge,” including a unique design and transit options. He said that his commute was no picnic before the collapse and isn’t much different now, and that he’d be willing to wait for a bridge that did more than increase vehicle capacity.”

New bridge need not be short-sighted, ugly.