Trophy SRD

Trophy is my tabletop roleplaying game of tragic fantasy, about doomed treasure-hunters going into a haunted forest that doesn’t want them there.

I’m grateful to have had it published in the Gauntlet’s monthly magazine, Codex, where it has been expanded every month since it first appeared.

The game has already seen a fair number of hacks, taking it from its fantasy roots to everywhere from a modern day writers retreat to an Alien-esque ship in deep space.

I’d love to see what you could do with it, so I’m releasing the core rules of Trophy under a Creative Commons license (CC-BY). Make, share, and sell anything you dream up!

View the Trophy System Reference Document

And if you still want the beautifully laid out rules, pick up a copy of Codex: Dark 2, which includes Trophy and a host of other great games and supplements.