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LeftMN, a Minnesota political news site that leans left

22 October 2012 | Comments Off on LeftMN, a Minnesota political news site that leans left

LeftMN is Minnesota’s freshest political news site focusing on state-level politics and covering the news with a decidedly liberal bias. Early this year I was approached by friend and activist Tony Petrangelo to help him design and develop a news site where he could house all his poll analysis, as well as include editorials, video and audio produced by himself and fellow bloggers Steve Timmer and Aaron Klemz. Since the launch in May, the site has grown to include additional bloggers as well as a weekly podcast and radio show that airs on AM950. If you enjoy good political analysis and journalism as well as the occasional scathing editorial skewering right-wing public figures, check out LeftMN.

Jeff Wilfahrt for Minnesota State House

14 October 2012 | Comments Off on Jeff Wilfahrt for Minnesota State House

When I first heard that Jeff Wilfahrt was running for the Minnesota State House of Representatives, I knew I had to get involved in his campaign. I had seen Jeff give a moving speech at OutFront Lobby Day, remembering his son, a soldier who was killed in Afghanistan and who just so happened to be gay. Jeff gave a tearful speech against the anti-gay marriage amendment, about how his son fought and died for a country and state he loved, and how the best way we could honor his memory is to reject a message that his love wasn’t good enough. Jeff and his wife, Lori, are amazing people, and I’m honored to be working with them. Check out Jeff’s site (archived), and please chip in a few bucks or volunteer some time for his campaign.