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Love, Love, Love

29 December 2007 | 0

For those who have seen the recent status change on Facebook, or who have noticed that I’ve been smiling uncontrollably for the past few weeks — yes, the rumors are indeed true. I am seeing an amazing, intelligent, wonderful, compassionate, empathetic, passionate, deep, introspective, hilarious, perceptive, cute, romantic, extraordinary, cultured, inspiring, attentive, sensual, appreciative, liberal, open-minded, wise, creative, generous soul by the name of Hannah. She is… unbelievable. Really, truly. I have no idea how we found each other, but I am so thankful that we did.

Ever? Wow!

14 December 2007 | 0

I did a little illustration for my buddies Ensemble Productions and their latest performance, Seven Santas. Jeff Goode, the playwright, liked the image so much, a theater troupe he’s associated with based in LA picked up the image for their own performance. And you know what? A Metromix posting for the play called my image the best poster ever designed!. Woohoo!


12 December 2007 | 1

Today I was reminded about what a beautiful place Minnesota can be in winter. Last night, everything was covered with the most delicate dusting of snow which, throughout the evening, crystalized on all the trees to form the most brilliant, serene, elegant shell of sparkling ice I could imagine. I took a few photos, but none of these do justice to being in the moment.

Snow Day 1

Snow Day 2

Snow Day 3

Halloween, Alaska, a local Minnesota band, provided the soundtrack while driving into work and admiring how wondrous nature truly is.


4 December 2007 | 0

Two things are on my mind right now as I’m getting ready for bed.

First of all, I really need to not be sick. I was sick, and then I got better, and then, literally a day later, I started feeling like crap again. Fricken winter and it’s dry air. I thought I was done, I thought my winter cold was complete… but no. I hope this ends soon, because I feel it moving into my ears and I do not want to spend the next week in a congested fog.

Secondly, I have a book sitting on my shelf, just begging to be finished. I stole Tanya’s copy of As Aventuras de Ngunga, because it was little and in Portuguese and I really need to practice reading real Portuguese sentences. I’m halfway through, and even though it’s small, I’m proud of the fact that I burned through the first half in such a short amount of time, because IT’S NOT IN ENGLISH. Granted, I looked up every 10th word in the dictionary, but I still consider that an achievement. Only 80 pages left… just waiting for me to read them. I need to get on that.

The “Lawnmower as Weapon” was the Telltale Sign

1 December 2007 | 0

I was watching Saturday morning cartoons with my daughter today and came to an interesting realization:

The only functional difference between Tom & Jerry and Itchy & Scratchy is that Tom & Jerry just doesn’t show the blood.