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Every Silver Lining Has Its Cloud

30 November 2007 | 0

I should really not be typing right now. It’s only 11:00pm, but I’m really tired. About and hour and a half ago, after having watched the latest Reaper episode off iTunes, I promptly went to bed, knowing that Ali would be waking me up near 7:00am tomorrow morning and hoping that I could get some biking in beforehand. Yet, here I am, disrupted from a half-completed journey into a REM cycle, typing on my computer because Tanya needed me to do a favor for her.

She woke me up, and I’m feeling like maybe I should really take this time to type something up on my blog. I don’t really know if there is an A -> B causality relationship there, but my brain managed to find a path to my blog nonetheless.

So, I’m sitting here thinking how my plan for losing weight, which began about a year ago (and 30+ lbs down so far!), had unintended consequences. Sure, I’ve lost weight, and I feel healthier. I knew I’d need to get new clothes, and that’s already been started. But little did I suspect that losing weight would make the winters worse. It’s obvious in hindsight: less fat = less insulation. But damn! Really? This bad? I’m shivering in my room right now, and I’m the guy who used to sleep with the windows open mid-December.

I really should have timed my weight-loss with a move to warmer climates…

Sevnthsin Smackdown!

5 November 2007 | 0

Sevnthsin Smackdown Bird’s Eye

A great time was had by all this weekend at the party of the year. And Bryan got the pics to prove it!

Robb and Ross at the Sevnthsin Smackdown