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23 October 2007 | 0

It’s been a while since I posted, and as I’m really tired right now but can’t seem to sleep, I’ll give just the quick overview of my world as of late:

  • Work’s been really busy, but I have our Open House to look forward to on the 3rd. Check out our promo for the party!
  • Freelance has been equally busy, but I should have a nice new piece to put up on my website when I’m done (in the next couple of days, probably).
  • We’ve got some nice stuff happening with the new Étoilé site… but that won’t launch until early next year. But still, I’m really happy with the new direction.
  • I’ve taken a hiatus from learning Chinese for a while, instead focusing my language-learning endeavors on Portuguese. I don’t know what it is about Portuguese, because even though Spanish makes much more sense for me to immerse myself in here, I just keep getting drawn to Brazil and it’s beautiful sounds.
  • On the theme of Brazil, I’ve started taking samba lessons. It was stepping out of my comfort zone, but it’s going really well so far.
  • I just discovered Alan Watts, and he’s awesome.
  • I really dig the new CW show, Reaper. It’s damn hilarious… check it out if you find yourself home on a Tuesday night with nothing better to do than watch ridiculous television.