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The Little Things

27 August 2007 | 0

I once read that relationships work or don’t because of the little things. Couples learn to work through the big things: children, moving house, loss of a job, even adultery. But it’s how the little things stack up that determines whether a relationship will survive.

Does he consistently neglect to unload the dishwasher? Does she always mess up balancing the checkbook? Does he keep stepping on her feet every time they try to dance? Does she criticize him every time he wears a certain shirt?

They may seem minor, but they add up. Eventually one of those little things triggers a wave of repressed outbursts, an overwhelming surge of overlooking past annoyances and, like a wrecking ball, destroys the carefully constructed wall built up from the memories of what you love about the other person.

Relationships may end with a scream, but they fall with whispers.

Tanya is Alive!

23 August 2007 | 0

Yay! Tanya just called from Mexico to let me know she got in okay. Have fun down there, Tanya!

Well said, Ben…

22 August 2007 | 0

“Ben Edwards, an Arden Hills resident who crossed the 35W bridge every day on his way to work in Eden Prairie, said he didn’t want Minnesota “to miss an opportunity to do something special with this bridge,” including a unique design and transit options. He said that his commute was no picnic before the collapse and isn’t much different now, and that he’d be willing to wait for a bridge that did more than increase vehicle capacity.”

New bridge need not be short-sighted, ugly.

Back in town

3 August 2007 | 1

I’m back in town now, and I’m tired as hell, and I really don’t want to deal with break-in stuff. Ugh.

Tomorrow should be a busy day, but this weekend I’ll try to get a post up about the remainder of the Brazil experience. Stay tuned…

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