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26 January 2007 | 1

This is really, really cool. CallWave is a service that replaces your standard cell voicemail with their own system. Their system is amazing — sending you emails when you get a new voicemail, giving you previews of voicemail (iPhone Visual Voicemail style), allowing you to reply to that email via a text message or–and this is awesome–calling your phone, so that when you answer it, it automatically dials their phone. And it’s FREE. So sweet — try it out.

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When life gives you snow…

22 January 2007 | 2

go sledding!

Ali Sledding

Ali's Snow Angel

In The Loop

18 January 2007 | 1

On Tuesday I got an invite from MPR‘s show In The Loop to attend their latest recording. The recording was tonight, and was about The Digital Divide, and so, naturally, I had to attend.

From the site:

From cell phones to instant messages to Google to podcasting, the ways we consume information are evolving rapidly.

Where has technology brought us together in new ways, or strengthened our relationships with each other? Alternately, when have our new forms of media and communication isolated you or someone you know, or caused human relationships to suffer?

We’re looking for personal stories and examples on both sides of the coin – from the family level to the global level, and anything in between.

The recording was amazing… great interviews, fun music, comedy, poignancy, and even a mock sponsor. This was my first experience with the show (other than the few episodes I downloaded and listened to yesterday), and I am mighty impressed. It’s already been added to my podcast playlist and I hope I get the opportunity to attend again!

Check ’em out!

FOSDEM, baby!

16 January 2007 | 0

I’m so psyched! I bought my ticket, accommodations have been arranged, and I just bought a new laptop bag (described as the bag nocturnal snowboarders might use)… I’m ready to go to to FOSDEM 2007! Now I just need to wait a month and a half…

With Great Power…

8 January 2007 | 0

So, since I’m running my own Jabber server (kind of… Dreamhost really is), I have the ability to add, delete, and activate and inactivate new IM accounts. It seems that, in all my playing around last Friday, I am not so careful about where I click, and accidentally inactivated my main IM account. In doing so, I think people who had me on their buddy list may have lost me — if you’re seeing me as consistently offline, just remove me from your list and re-add me… that should fix it.

So This is the New Year

1 January 2007 | 0

I started writing a post complaining about how New Year’s always lets me down, but that’s really no way to start out 2007. So, instead, let’s talk about what cool things I’m working on for this year:

  • Go to FOSDEM in Belgium
  • Animate/create special effects for a short film
  • Evangelize Jabber
  • Launch an alternate reality game
  • Wrap up season 2 of Chasing Windmills
  • Do a 5 week immersion in Brazil this summer
  • Participate in 24 Hour Comics Day
  • Create a vlog mini-series
  • Teach Ali to read so that I can teach her how to use a computer and build web sites