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12 December 2006 | 1

You wake up in a good mood. The birds are chirping, the air smells fresh and wonderful. You are excited to take in all the adventures of the day. You get to work and get everything done early, so that you can take the afternoon off and just enjoy yourself. You feel accomplished, you feel amazing. Then, as you walk, you notice a dead bird on the ground. Broke it’s neck after flying into a glass pane it didn’t see. You continue to walk, but you see that bird everywhere, most importantly you project that possible future into every other bird you see and hear. You eventually get back home and go to bed. In your dreams you imagine yourself caring for a bird as a pet, but you get distracted by some other task and when you return to the cage, the bird is either dead or gone. You wake the next morning to the chirping of a bird.

Pleasing my audience

10 December 2006 | 2

Since Tanya just yelled at me for only posting the drawings that I did on my Zaurus, here is her beautiful sunset:

Zaurus Sunset

Zaurus Drawings

9 December 2006 | 0

I’m about to install a new OS on my Zaurus, so I went through and transferred all my drawings over to my main system. Here’s a collection of a bunch of random things I’ve drawn over the past year:

Mental Engineering

4 December 2006 | 0

Mental Engineering is a weekly roundtable discussion about TV commercials and our commercial culture. It airs exclusively on public television.

Each week host John Forde is joined by four smart fun panelists. The conversation usually begins with the way the commercial uses the mechanisms of social psychology, then wanders through history, technology, sex roles, spirituality and humor.

I just discovered this show a few weeks ago, and it’s by far one of the best shows I’ve seen on tv. Funny, poignant… simply great television.

Check out their site and check them out on YouTube.

Sevnthsin Blog

4 December 2006 | 0

Check out what we do at work… or when we’re supposed to be working:

Sevnthsin Company Blog