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Halloween Damage

31 October 2006 | 3

When in doubt, add more blood. Or bling. That’s what I always say.


How is this art?

27 October 2006 | 0

From Ben Krull at Space 150:

Hey, thought you and the people that think you’re might be interested to see a site from your alma mater, CVA. It is called “How is this art?” and has funny videos of “up and coming” artists Paul Billows, Mosaic Mary, and The Clay Elk.

Check it out at


Thanks, Ben!

The Cake Walk

25 October 2006 | 2

As of Friday, I will no longer be an employee of MRM Worldwide. My buddy Jamey from Sevnthsin has invited me to join him on his path to world domination. Starting Monday the 30th I will be Employee Number 1 of his new firm, cranking out sites for the likes of Target and other local shops (and some not so local clothing companies and record labels).

As part of my wonderful and elaborate send-off from MRM however, every day since last Wednesday there has been cake brought into the office by others in the creative department. That means that today is Cake #6, with two more on the way. You would think after six days of cake I’d be feeling a bit over-sugared. The fact that I’m not yet is a true testament to my love for sweets. A big, gigantic thank you to the MRM Minneapolis office for a wonderful two years. Keep up the great work, guys! (And if any of my faithful readers out there ever finds themselves in Minnesota in need of a design job, check them out… they’re a great bunch of people!)

Forget the Future

21 October 2006 | 1

Man, forget the future. My real live and my fictional lives are converging at an ever increasing rate. I already have problems separating dreams from reality, and now I’m verging on the possibility of having to get into conversations with myself. That’s just… weird.

I think the universe may be conspiring against me in order to drive me schizophrenic.

I’m delicious

21 October 2006 | 1

I also learned today that people think I’m worth bookmarking. Damn, that might be more pressure than I can take.

I like to sleep around, but not like that

21 October 2006 | 0

I learned I need two houses. Or at least two beds. I think that springs from when I was really little and used to spend so much time at my grandparents’ house. I probably spent at least a day there a week. Because of that, I always have this need to sleep somewhere different. I get bored of my own bed, and tend to want to fall asleep on the couch or in a chair or somewhere just different. I hardly ever do, but I always want to.

The Future of the Future

20 October 2006 | 3

Has anyone else noticed that our mythology of the future, and what is shaping up to be our actual future, are converging at an every increasing rate?

Allow me to demonstrate:

Invisibility cloaks
Instant communication and access
Virtual reality

Much props to The Raw Feed for many of the links above.

The Internet is just like that

6 October 2006 | 0

Replace “Research Paper” with “Freelance Design” and this is totally my life. (Artwork by Asher Sarlin)

Clerks? Nah… I’d do Mallrats

4 October 2006 | 1

I have to draw the line somewhere. Because if I get one more “You know who you kind of look like? Kevin Smith”-comment, I’m just gonna have to start being in film.

MIMA and… wait for it… teleportation!

4 October 2006 | 0

Today was the 2006 MIMA Summit. MIMA (for those too lazy to follow the link) is the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association, and I was there because I was invited to represent my school, CVA, as part of a panel on the role of education in interactive marketing. The panel itself went really well, but I have to say that the rest of the event was even better. I saw so many great presentations it’s almost obscene. From Elisa Camahort I learned how to be a more effective blogger (note to self: attract a female demographic…). From Andrew Eklund I had it confirmed that Second Life really is the way of the future… oh, and that it’s okay to start off a presentation by saying ‘penis’. From Matt Thompson I learned that I should probably utilize the resources of my fabulous Twin Cities and maybe get out to a show or two.

Oh, and most importantly about MIMA, I learned that I am in love with Michelle Collins. Madly in love. I don’t care that she’s taller than me… or taller than a tree… she’s funny as hell. Damn.

And, to top off the night, with non-MIMA-related news… I learned that not only am I the Prophet of Google (yes… this is mine… I’m working on it…), but I am also the Prophet of Teleportation! I’VE BEEN SCREAMING THIS FOR YEARS, PEOPLE!

Just remember… the Future is NOW!