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Forgive me, Google, for I have sinned

26 August 2006 | 0

Allow me to confess. I’ve been bad. Very bad. I’m many, many ways.

First of all, I’ve been neglectful of my blogging duties. I had meant to post at least once a week. I will try to do better. I will recite ten 404-error haikus as penance.

Second, I have received a multitude of Illustration Friday emails, and have participated in none. I commit to doing next week’s theme. I will sing “Numa Numa” three times as penance.

Third, I have commited grave sins of Non-Replying against my fellow mailing list members. I have found new interests that have taken me away from you all. Those interests will end by the end of the year. I will reenact the Star Wars Kid one time as penance.

Finally, I have had many unpostable thoughts. Not about pr0n, you sicko. Just things that are not worth posting about, thus the lack of involvement with you lately, my dear Internet. Actually, strike that. I’ve had tons of postable thoughts. But, they must remain hidden. At least until the end of the year. Big fun adventures are underway… But, basically, if you know of any girls with long dark hair and a desire to act, who are in the Twin Cities area, I need to talk to them about something. And again, not about pr0n, you sicko.

Hex Editors are Rockin!

7 August 2006 | 1