Perfecting Procrastination

22 April 2006 | 8

I’ve got a lot of work to do tonight… so first… a drawing…


…of bigfoot!

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  1. the 5th lizard of the dimension of the Namerak

    bigfoot is my hero. so are creepy looking things like your drawings.

  2. coldoven

    very cool. gave me a quick chill to glance at it.

  3. Gregory Gunther

    Your illustration is so cool. Love how you captured so much imagery and emotion with simple strokes and highlights.

  4. Fred

    Awesome Picture! Can I put it on my bigfoot page?

  5. s

    i don’t think it’s a bigfoot, it needs to have feet for that:P;) but anyway nice drawing though

  6. Nick Brown

    I borrowed your wonderful image for a blog–may it bring you much deserved traffic and attention.

    love, nick brown

  7. fiona bieber

    wow that is scary where do u get that freaky picture from its scary dude scary i tell u sscaaaaaarrrrrrryyy

  8. Nick

    Awesome drawing!!!

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