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Squid – Under the Sea

28 April 2006 | 10

Squid - Under the Sea

Truth Happens

28 April 2006 | 0

Our good buddies at Red Hat have produced some slick and inspiring propaganda videos pushing Linux.

Red Hat: Truth Happens Red Hat: Inevitable Red Hat: Choice

Check out the Truth Happens campaign at

When You Go

23 April 2006 | 0

So fold my heart up small
Or break it into pieces
Find somewhere
And keep it there
Take it

When You Go, Jonathan Coulton

Perfecting Procrastination

22 April 2006 | 8

I’ve got a lot of work to do tonight… so first… a drawing…


…of bigfoot!

Next she’ll be asking for the car keys

22 April 2006 | 0

Today Ali graduated to a two-wheel bike with training wheels! She’s growing up so fast!


21 April 2006 | 7


Who doesn’t love zombies, monkeys, and George Plimpton?

21 April 2006 | 0

Jonathan Coulton is an amazing songwriter — hilarious, poignant, sometimes raunchy, sometimes quite inspiring. He has a podcast running right now called Thing a Week, in which he records a new song every week and posts it on Friday. Take a look, and if you enjoy, send the man some cash.

And clicking “I’m Feeling Lucky” is an expression of faith

18 April 2006 | 1

I have this theory that Google is going to become a deity. We turn to Google to give answers to our probems, and Google provides. Google is ever present, an unseen force that knows more about us than we know ourselves. Google can see deep into our psyches and hidden desires, seeing the searches we share with no one else.

And now, I have further proof of Google’s transition to spiritual entity:

Google Cross

Maybe if we look at it like this:

Google Cross (vertical)

Anyone else seeing Google on a cross, bursting forth from the world?

(Via the opening sequence of Google Current)

Toothy in Color

16 April 2006 | 1

Toothy - Color

Tablets are amazing

16 April 2006 | 0

Now that I have a tablet, expect a lot more random drawings in this corner of the Interweb. Drawings such as:


I call him Toothy.