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Blonde Joke

26 January 2006 | 0

I don’t usually post jokes here, especially not blonde jokes, but this one is hilarious…

More weird…

24 January 2006 | 0

Okay… just checked both links, and now they’re showing the same thing… I’m so confused…

Google is weird…

24 January 2006 | 0

Okay, so I just did the exact same thing as last time, and now I got this search result… what are you doing, Google?

Internet Zen

24 January 2006 | 0

I asked Google what was similar to me… and it gave me this.

Thank you, Google. That’s beautiful.

Am I superstitious… no, I’m not supersti…WTF?!

13 January 2006 | 0

How’s this for a bit of bad luck…

So, two weeks ago I got my car fixed up, all shiny and new. As of yesterday, my battery light started flashing every so often. This morning, it was a might more regular, which quickly escalated into ‘always on’. I managed to get to my client meeting this morning, then to work this afternoon, then out of the parking lot leaving work. I was about half way home (dark outside at this point), when my dash lights start disappearing in front of me (except for Check Battery light). Then, ABS light comes on. Then Air Bag. Then Brake. Um… not good. I’m thinking at this point I may be losing my headlights and taillights. Then, it all goes out, all the electrical in my car. I have no idea how fast I’m going, or if I have external lights or not (but I’m thinking not). I’m making my way around the cloverleaf to get onto 35E, the major freeway to my house, when, on the top of the bridge, I lose everything. My car just goes out on me.


So, I pull off the road as much as possible, get my phone out to call Tanya to save me:

‘BEEP. BEEP. Sorry, but you don’t have enough minutes to place this call.’


Okay, get in the car, pull out my credit card to add some more minutes. Phone dies.


A MnDOT guy finds me, luckily, and pushes my car off the freeway, and calls a tow-truck for me. He lets me use his phone to call Tanya to come save me.

The tow guy shows up, he’s got other places to be, so we drive off before Tanya gets there, and I can’t get a hold of her cell to let her know. Finally get a hold of her after she’s been looking for me for a few minutes. He drives me up to the auto body shop behind my house… so Tanya unnecessarily drove with (a totally starving) Ali for like 1/2 hour.


Tow cost me $130, and I have no idea what they’ll find with my car… hopefully it’s just the battery. But still, I dropped over $500 into my car in under two weeks. The really sucky part is that I specifically asked them to check my battery when I had it in last time (because my battery light flicked on twice before I had it in). Apparently that did not happen, or I wouldn’t have been stranded on the freeway, nor would I have had to dish out money for a tow.


Fucking cars, fucking Friday the 13th.

Web 2.0 Fanboy

12 January 2006 | 0

In the past two days, pretty much out of sheer boredom (although maybe there are some more noble intentions), I have managed to sign myself up to the following sites:


I’ve subscribed to the following new feeds:


And the following podcast:

Zoe’s Radio Show

Added 9 new entries to my account:

And fallen in love with a new television network:

Current TV

My will is weak to the power of the internet.

Where did Jesse go?

4 January 2006 | 0

For anyone who’s been looking for me, my new year has not started out all that great, so I’ve been in hiding. Or maybe that should say quarantine. Not only have I been really sick, but my daughter Ali has been really sick. Add to the sick list Ali’s mom, and my mom and sister, who usually watch Ali during the day.

Let’s not forget that my car broke down, which cost me a bunch of money to repair.

Because of little things like these, I’ve gotten a bit behind on my freelance work (sorry Katie, sorry Etoile guys, sorry Saso!). Those factors also contribute to me neglecting my friends somewhat (sorry Aline, sorry Michael, sorry Guys!).

So, that’s the state of my world… hang in there, and I’ll be back to the land of the living soon…