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Always new(s)

23 July 2005 | 0

I will continue to push the distance out between these posts, because, frankly, I’m highly distracted right now. And it’s a good kind of distraction.

Life is pretty good right now. I’m feeling as though I’m getting a bit more clarity. There are a few reasons for that, but based on context, I’m sure you can figure out what the biggest one is. Agreeded?

I’m starting to organize my thoughts a bit better now too, and trying to focus my energies in a select number of directions a bit more as well. I had originally decided the best way to do this was just to get a new sketchbook to keep my thoughts in. My favorite sketch books have always been the ones with the gridded paper… must be the math geek in me. At any rate, I decided that I wasn’t going to get one of those, but instead look for something that had both lined paper and blank paper in it. Hopefully this sketchbook would also be small enough to fit in my pocket. Totally unsuccessful. So I decided instead to just go to Target and see what I could find as an alternative. I bought this small cardboard contraption that holds those 3′ x 5′ notecards, and bought a whole bunch of notecards (blank on one side, lined on the other). Brilliant. Best idea ever. Because it only has 6 sections, and one of those is taken up by blank cards, I can only (theoretically) be working on 5 different personal projects at once. I currently have three:

  • Etoile (OS interface design)
  • Jabber Chat Bots (those artificially intelligent things you can type to, and they either respond or do stuff)
  • IM device with Embedded Linux (totally inspired by this)

I may soon be adding another: I’m going to pick up Italian again. And now (hopefully), I have someone to practice on, so I might actually learn something.

So, for those who’ve been so kind as to email/IM me and see how I’m doing, I’m getting much better. Thanks for all the words of encouragement and optimism. You guys are awesome.

Something else…

5 July 2005 | 0

You’re beautiful.

And I can say that, and feel pretty confident that you will interpret that in the appropriate context, given who you are.

(Yes, I really do mean you… this isn’t about someone else. Seriously, it isn’t. I know my use of “you” can get blurry at times.)

(I’m serious. Stop questioning.)

Much to talk about…

5 July 2005 | 0

In no particular order, and without much commentary or explanation, cause this is half for you and half for me:

Las Vegas.

I’ve considered renaming my blog “Message in a Bottle”, after the Police song.

If you’re reading this and you’ve lent an ear (and you know who you are), it is because of you that my days are just that much more bearable. (And it’s times like these that I appreciate English’s inability to differentiate between singular and plural second person.)

Ali’s second birthday is coming up… I’m so excited! She was scared of the fireworks, but I think next year will be different.

I miss knowing what my future will hold. Actually, I pretty much know what it will hold, I just need to tweak the system. It’s worked before… I’m sure I can tweak it again. Sometimes thoughts like that make me feel like I’m in a video game, and that I’m half aware of it. Sometimes I think it’s that “blessing” thing I’ve mentioned before.

It’s weird when a thought takes over your mind, making it difficult to think about much else. I guess that would be called obsession… is that okay if I just call it “focus”, or at worst “good distraction”.

If you remember an orange juice themed site, and remember the writing on those walls, I sometimes feel like I’m in much the same place. It’s hard to say though, because things are so different. I remember wanting to record my thoughts, so that I could remember that time… I’m still playing that game.

Oh, and that comment about that thing that you abhor that you didn’t want to talk about anymore… sorry about that. Don’t read too much into it.

I really like Jason Mraz. Really. He’s a damn fine musician. Thanks, Michael, for that one.

If you care enough to want more context, I will care enough to reply.