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So tired of trying…

18 May 2005 | 0

Gesture Locking

12 May 2005 | 0

I don’t know if this exists or not yet, but I just came up with the idea and wanted to write it down.

Suppose I have a document open on my computer and I need to step away from my desk for a moment. During that time while I’m away, I anticipate that someone might come over and try to use my computer (for example, a small child who might want to try her hand at Photoshop). The document that I have open is something that I don’t want other users to look at or edit, but we’re not talking Fort Knox security here… just a semi-secure, temporary solution.

Here’s my proposal:

Gesture Locking.

Just like you can do mouse gestures in Firefox to go back or forward pages, how about using a special user-defined gesture to temporarily lock and unlock a document. I imagine that this would both lock the document from editing and obscure the document’s appearance so others couldn’t look at it. Some potential uses:

– Keeping someone from modifying a document (text, image) while you step away from your desk
– Keeping your web-based email client open while you’re at work and need to leave your desk
– Plenty others I haven’t thought of yet

I think this would be a really slick solution for a low security environment — much better than having to lock your entire computer and log back in. Or maybe not, but I think it sounds cool.

If anyone thinks this is a groovy idea and wants to implement it, feel free. Just give me credit in your README, LICENSE or similar. If this has already been done, shoot me a link. I’m too lazy-slash-busy to search right now.